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My relationship to food, fat and bariatric surgery is complex. The day I arrived at the hospital I didn’t know if I was going to go through with bariatric surgery. I was (and am) part of the Fat movement and believe in Health At Every Size (see my journal for information about these topics). As a feminist looking to fight oppression, I feel people should not have to cram themselves into the thin, young, white, standard of beauty that fills our media to appease a fat-phobic and death-phobic society. I believe in luscious, curvy, sexy bodies that joyfully and unapologetically take up space. My experience in a bigger body, however, was neither joyful or unapologetic; but I felt a lot of shame about having surgery. Was I selling out my Fat friends? Was I taking the ‘easy way’ out? Would my partner and I get through this change? What about surgery complications? I tried to unlearn the lessons I was taught about my bigger body but eventually decided surgery prioritized my mental health. Surgery was the right decision for me. Together, we can figure out if surgery is the right decision for you, how you came to this place, and any challenges you are having after the surgery. Click here to learn how I can support you. 

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